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Average MCAT scores from all the medical schools in the US and Canada can be found here at MCAT Test Scores website. Premeds will find average MCAT scores, how the MCAT is scored as well as average GPAs (grades) from over 100 med-schools as well as links to each med-school. We also have information on how to raise your MCAT test scores, exam scoring, grading, medical school admissions, premed info and more. You can also purchase the best MCAT books at the best prices below at the online Store (secure payment with Paypal).

For information regarding the scoring system for the new MCAT, click here: How MCAT 2015 is scored.

MCAT 2014 to January 2015
Section Average Good Top
Verbal Reasoning 8.6 10-11 12+
Physical Sciences 8.8 10-11 12+
Biological Sciences 9.1 10-11 12+
For specific medical schools: Average MCAT Scores

Raise Your MCAT Test Scores!

All you need are 4 things to get the best results: time and motivation, solid review books, and realistic tests.


Time and Motivation

How much time do you need? Pretty easy. First get your review and tests together and start working. Reassess your results after one week. Because there is only a limited amount of review and tests (good ones at least), you'll know after one week how much more time you'll need to complete your review. On average: 3 to 6 months. If you are taking the test in April then start earlier because you will likely have less daily study time because of other tests.

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MCAT Review 

The best textbooks are: The Gold Standard MCAT, the ExamKrackers series and Kaplan Comprehensive Review. To turn your review in to a full fledge but relatively inexpensive prep course, here is a complete science review for the Medical College Admissions Test on Video (DVDs; better than most live courses by far): 'MCAT Physics', 'MCAT Biology', 'MCAT General Chemistry' and 'MCAT Organic Chemistry'. And for audio CD review: 'Examkrackers MCAT Audio Osmosis with Jordan and Jon'. You can get any of these review materials super cheap by clicking on the link.

MCAT Tests 

There are 3 tests in the Gold Standard and 1 in Kaplan's book. By far, the best source for MCAT practice tests are the online tests at which are the official past exams. Get them all! The official AAMC tests also come in paper format which you can get in the online auction at quite a savings. It is very important to take all AAMC practice MCATs, check your test scores then review your mistakes before trying another practice test. The AAMC also has a new guide book with questions, answers and explanations using real past test sections. In all, it is the equivalent of having one full length test which you should definitely own: The Official AAMC Guide.

When it comes to testing yourself keep the following in mind: "If you are going to play in the Superbowl, then practice on a football field!" A lot of students make the mistake of doing dozens of old practice paper tests only to have a less than ideal performance on the computer based test (CBT). You can avoid this mistake if you focus your test preparation using ALL the online AAMC practice tests and the 10 Gold Standard MCAT Practice tests: MCAT Practice tests. It's true that the AAMC's more recent practice tests (after test #6) are relatively more realistic than their earlier ones but they are ALL helpful as teaching tools. In all, along with the Official AAMC Guide, you will have nearly 20 full length practice tests.

MCAT Test Scores, GPA and Your Premed Program 

Improve your grades and get higher MCAT scores by improving your study techniques. Information about getting all this done can be found at the following: premed grades


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